1. Purpose

When you’re old or your deathbed what will you remember? The money you’ve made, the people you’ve impressed, the things you’ve bought..? For me I feel it’s the places I’ve gone, the people I’ve met and the things I’ve learned and overcome. Everyone has their own purpose,  their own blueprint their own mission. How do you find it?  It’s usually behind the door you’re afraid to open.

2. Fulfilment

Everyone seems to be chasing happiness. Why?  Happiness feels good.. You bought something new, tasted something sweet, got praised by someone you look up to. You were high for or a fleeting moment. Being happy is awesome, smell the flowers.. but don’t be afraid to go deeper. Happiness is a moment, fulfilment is forever.

3. Fill Your Cup

Without filling your cup you can’t help others fully. So do what brings you joy on your path, so you can bring it to others.

Perth City Library


5. Your Jouney is Yours, Alone.

“Every living creature on earth dies alone”/ This is a quote From the movie Donny Darko that plagued me for a long time. It sounds sad but it’s true ;).  For me it means you’re on your own mission and no one owes you anything so don’t expect things from others. Your life is yours and so is your death. Own it If you face this truth it will serve you well.


6. Trust Your Feelings

Where my Star Wars fans at? “Luke, Trust Your Feelings”. Your feelings are your truth. They will give you the right path if you trust them.

6. Do Things You Enjoy

Anytime spent on things you’re doing to impress people or doing things you don’t enjoy/ don’t get you to a place of where you can do the things you enjoy.. is time wasted. Enjoy the moment!


7. Short term Vs long term

We’re going to be around for a while. A seedling only grows when it’s watered daily. Invest in yourself.

8. Judgement

Everyone is trying to do the best they can with what they have at each moment. So are you, so don’t judge yourself either.

9. Gratitude

You’re richer than you know. Be grateful for every breath, every bite every drink of water. If you’re reading this you probably have it better than most.


10. Speak Your Truth

Still struggling with this personally but you should speak your truth and be who you are. The people that matter will connect with it and with you. Express yourself.