En Route to South Korea, my girlfriend and I decided to stop off in Kyoto for a couple of days. We stayed in a small motel 5 minutes walk from Kyoto Station and 2 minutes walk from a Lawson mini-mart. As a photographer, I’ve always heard stories of how Japan is one of the best places to practice making pictures, so I was more than excited to make the most of these couple of days. Although Kyoto was the only city in Japan that I explored I felt that it was much quieter but more colourful than the other cities which made it perfect for exploring.


1. Shoot with Burst Mode

Whether your shooting people or vehicles I find that the more shots the merrier. Once you’ve found your spot I recommend sitting there for a while and shooting to your heart’s content.



2. Let The Colour Lead You In

The orange leaves sprinkled throughout Kyoto made for a nice focal point or key subject. This can help the viewers eye wonder to a point within the image.



3. Lower Your ISO

Although I had previously never been much of a fan of silhouette photography, I found my self shooting a lot of them in Japan. This might be because of the unique architecture you see everywhere. A lower ISO means it’s easier to edit most of the time, but don’t just lower it, play around with it!



4. Climb up High

Kyoto is full of beautiful temples! For the second day, I walked 20km through the city and up to one of the main temples. To get the best views of the city I recommend visiting some of the temples in the mountains.



5. Look Up

From the beautiful entanglements of wires to the flagship buildings throughout the cityscape, there is a lot to capture by looking up. Just don’t get hit by any of the people riding bicycles (which almost happened to me!).



7. Shoot in the rain

These photographs were the highlight of the trip. You can’t really tell but it was actually pouring down this night! I know it’s easy to stay cooped up in your tiny 4m2 apartment but trust me, it’s an adventure outside when it’s raining and you won’t be disappointed!