Why does travel always have to be overseas?

Something that is cool about Western Australia is that it accounts for over 33% of Australia’s land mass.

That means there is so much to explore in this one state!

The plan was to go to Bakers Hill Pie Shop (one of the oldest and most famous pie shops), then go to The Big Camera (A museum – don’t recommend paying to fo inside but it’s cool to take a picture outside), and finally check out the Canola fields and take photos.

Luckily for us my sister works in agriculture so she had contacts of Canola farmers who let us use their land for taking pictures. If you don’t know any farmers it’s best to contact the Northam Tourism office (08) 9622 2100 and ask them for an area to take photos in.

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Of course, as photographers, we had to check out the BIG CAMERA. However, I don’t recommend going in and seeing the exhibition, it’s not that interesting. It ws good to meet Chic though!

Some portraits using my 24-70 f4 (I hadn’t bought my 50mm 1.8 at this point) We used the car sun reflector to fill in the shadows a bit (See video). I would also advise bringing mosquito repellant as there were heaps flying around!

It was an awesome day and Sergio, Shay, Adrina and I finished off the day by watching the sunset on the top of Mt. Brown and taking some photos with that beautiful golden light! We sure do live in a special place and I’m so lucky to be able to spend it with awesome people :).