This month I’ve found myself heading to the city more & more. Whether it’s to meet with clients or just hang out with friends and shoot photos I feel like I’m discovering more about this city everyday. I’ve actually shot photos outside this library so many times but had never gone in to take a look…

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1. Free Wifi & Computer Access

There is free wifi and the computers are accessible for 40 minutes.

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2. Cafe & Sitting Area

Enjoy a coffee over work as you sit in the open space with 180 degree veiws.

Via: Perth Stock Photography

3. Seven Levels of Wonder

 The building covers 3,500 square metres and has seven levels that can be accessed by lift or the spiral stair case. It includes the Ground Floor, Auditorium, Main Library (Lvl. 1), History Centre (Lvl. 2), Video Section (Lvl. 3), Children Area (Lvl. 4), Student Space (Lvl.5) which is the best space for working and editing (You can also book and hire out rooms for 2 hours.

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4. Bookable Spaces

 Students can book private study room for 2 hours provided you’re a member (free). You can also book the auditorium for functions from $80 an hour.

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5. Balcony Hangout Space

Get some sun or have lunch out on the balcony. Benches and chairs available with views over the Quay.

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6. There’s an Indoor Tree

 Study + Lofi Hip Hop + Indoor Tree = Yes Please.Just when you thought the design of this beautiful building couldn’t get any better.. there is an indoor tree and it’s awesome. Bean bags are available under the tree but it’s the kids section so watch out!

Perth City Library
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Perth City Library Tree
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Find The Library Here:

For more information head to the Visit Perth Website.