Have you noticed that whether you look at the work of successful photographers they always have their own unique style?

This could be their editing style, photography style or even the style of the subject they choose to photograph.

Style can be helpful for attracting customers, followers and gaining recognition in a field of photography…

But how do you find your unique style?

Here are 3 tips on how to find your style:

  1. Use Instagram

Instagram is an amazing tool for developing your style as a photographer. By using Instagram you can:

  • Follow other photographers and learn from their styles.
  • Search hashtags relating to different styles.
  • Collect and save images with the bookmark function.

By using Instagram you can find photography styles that you like and enjoy – you can then try them out yourself,

2. Copy other Photographers

There is a lot of advice out there advising against copying other photographers.

But when you are first starting out how else can you start finding your style if your not seeing other photographers and trying what they are doing?

Copying other photographers styles and edits is a great way to develope your own unique style.

I recommend being inspired by a style, photographer or even just a photo and trying to copy it.

From there you can try a style, then if it’s not for you then try another.

As time goes on you will try multiple styles, learn from them and begin to develope your style across various photography genres and niches.

3. Know what you want out of photography

When you start photography I recommend going out, enjoying yourself and shooting the basics.

But if you decide to earn a living most photographers have to focus on commercial photography.

Do you want to earn a living from photography?

What do you want to shoot in order to earn a living? Parties, weddings, portraits?

Thinking about this and even going out and shooting paid gigs will help you develope your style.


Developing your photographic style can take time. I like to think if it like this..

  • Load your gun with inspiration
  • Take action and go our and shoot
  • Keep shooting until you reach your target (finding a style that sticks)

These things take time, but remember to enjoy the process.