I had always wanted to try Cyber Punk photography. If you don’t know what that is it’s a style of photography typically produced at night where you capture coloured lights, technology and architecture in a way that makes the scene you’re capturing appear futuristic. I am currently in Bucheon where you can find many of these coloured lights out at night so I gave it a shot. It was a fun experiment and you can watch the video below and you can look at the rest of the photos in full detail down below. Enjoy!


What did I learn?

it’s better to use a lens with a lower aperture. I used my 23mm lens but I had it on autofocus the whole time. This worked most of the time but a few images weren’t in focus.


Bucheon Karioki, 2018

Neon Alley Way, 2018

Blow Up Clown, Bucheon 2018

Red Lanterns, Bucheon 2018

Neon Street, Buchon 2018