When was the last time you hung out with like-minded people and just created? I recently found out that doing this can really push your creativity and creative skills. This day was a lot of fun, nerding out, talking about camera gear and learning more about photography and videography. 

At 5:30 am I headed down my friend Sergio to meet up with a few other content creators to capture the early light, check out some sculptures and create some content! It was awesome and I was surprised to see how many other photographers were down at the beach that early with the same idea we had. We then headed to a nearby park to check out Andrews racing drone. It was definitely the fastest drone I’ve ever seen. He was doing flips and tricks watching what the drone was recording with video goggles. All I can say is I want one!

Hopefully, we’ll have more events like this and more creators can come and yah along.

Check out the video!