This month we travelled to Bali for the second time. I always love going to Bali (Like everyone in Perth) but this time I went to a few places I’d never been. I just left it up to bae to book and plan everything (safer that way ;)) and it worked out really well. I was mostly looking forward to the food, photo opportunities and of course spending time with her and making memories :). 


Bali Travel Video

This is a long exposure composite I captured in Seminyak.

Warung Kono

One of the places we spent the most time was Canggu. I really loved this little restaurant called Warung Kono which had simple and really cheap food but it was tasty and I loved the view over the Garfields 

Where we stayed in Canggu…

We stayed at Pondok Bagus Canggu. It was pleasant and had everything we needed. It’s located right near Pretty Poison which is a skatepark/ bar which was a cool experience.

Walking around…

We stayed about a 10-15 minute walk from the main Town strip. There is a market called the Love Anchor among other shops but I didn’t really need to buy anything. It was kind of difficult to find really interesting things to do in Canggu besides the Market. If there were cooking classes or creative things we could do together that would have been perfect. It was just nice to walk around, get something to eat and take photos.

The best place for breakfast in Canggu!

Sylvia is good at finding great places for food. I think in this instance we got a free meal in exchange for her posting a photo of her and the meal. It was sooooooo good! Healthy, unique, colourful and tasty. Loved it.

Ubud Bungalows

This was also a fantastic place to stay (Thanks to my partner again! xD). The place is called Pondok Mahardika and was a peaceful place to stay away from any crowds. There was a restaurant that I enjoyed (Sylvia not so much) called Kedai D’Sawah .Hoever there’s no denying the stunning views across the rice field (especially in the evening!).



If I had known in advance that there was a cool place to surf in Canggu I probably would have hired a board out. I think it would have been a nice activity. Also I didn’t protect myself from the sun enough so I got sunburnt and then broke out in hived for a few days due to the heat rash. I bought some itch cream from the Chemist which seemed to help a little.

A Quiet Hotel in the Balinese Jungle…

This spot was called Song Broek Jungle Resort and it was in a non-touristy area 22 minutes from Ubud. The pool was nice and it was different from the other places we stayed. The only thing that let it down a bit was that the dinner service was slow but there was a visible lack of staff. Didn’t cause too many issues though. You can order breakfast in a floating basket in the pool for $30 (Check out the video above) and it was great.

songbroek hotel

Nook ~ Another Amazing Restaurant :p

Nook was another amazing restaurant. I can’t exactly remember what I had exactly but everything on the menu looked extravagant, vibrant and had so much variety.. and of course it tasted good! There were also some cool rice fields next door where you could take pictures.

We ended the trip with a banger of a sunset of Canggu beach. I’m not sure if it’s the weather patterns or pollutions but this was the most orange sunset I’d ever seen. Always love coming to Bali. Until next time!