1. Use Layers & Leading Lines

You want the viewer to LOOK at your photographs. When you create interest in the image people want to look deeper. Layers and leading lines are key in creating this interest.

2. Fishing

One of the best techniques I used when capturing street photographs was ‘fishing’. Fishing is the idea of finding an interesting location, standing there, and then capturing the people who walk past.

3. Try different angles

Occasionally I’d be taking photos but either the people wouldn’t be interesting enough or the composition would be too bland. When I switched up the angles of my photographs it made them more creative.

4. Expect the unexpected

Sometimes opportunities will greet you unexpectedly and you’ll have to almost solely act on instinct. In this instance these soldiers walked around the corner- I ran over toward them, crouched in position and took the shot.

5. Use depth

The distance between the foreground and the background can play an important part in your images.

6. Use Colour

Photography is a visual medium which means colour plays a large part in the product of an image. Using complimentary colours can add interest to the image. If you need advice on which colours work well together, consult the colour wheel.

7. Look for patterns

The repetition of a pattern, colour and shapes create further interest in the image.

8. Get up close

When you get close you can see the subjects eyes and expression much clearer. Conveying emotion is an important skill in the creation of an image.


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