I had a meeting at the Hyatt hotel in the Perth City and brought my camera along with me. I noticed how awesome the architecture was. So many patterns spirals and shapes in the ceiling. 

I wanted to capture some photos of Perth from a travellers perspective. Photos that would make Perth look like an interesting place to visit for someone from a different country.

After shooting some golden hour shots by myself I heard some people shout out “Harry!”. I looked up at and could see people waving from above.. Who was it? 

I walked up to the top of the carpark (Located above the Perth underground station) and saw my friends Tomo @s.tomo19, Uttam @nirvanauttam, Edwina @style.decoy and Phil the German traveller @liveavacation!

There’s a running joke Tomo and I have.. He is doing a photo series on shaking the hands of people he meets and taking a photo of it. I always mock him and take the same photo in the way he asks all the people lol! If you want to learn more about Tomo (The insane Japanese photographer) check out This Video.

We were unaware of whether we were allowed to be sitting on the rooftop carpark looking over the city and saw some police or transperth security coming our way so we ran down into the station…!

We split up so it was Uttam, Tomo and I who went down to take photos in the station. The lighting was super nice (it was about 5pm) so the station looked dreamlike. We decided to catch the train to Claisebrook station for golden hour.

We took some interesting and scenic shots of the train tracks. This is a view I haven’t seen many photographers get. I edited the photos for a warmer feel.

After dark we went back into the Perth Underground station. We tried long exposures of trains passing with a still subject in the frame and street photography. I was amazed that we didn’t get told off which was pretty cool.