Last weekend I caught up with a bunch of travellers, creatives and adventurers who all share a passion for photography. We met up at Perth’s Secret Garden. Where is Perth’s Secret Garden? Well, it’s in Gwelup, Western Australia. The “Secret Garden” is actually among a residential area. It’s a park covered vines that have completely taken over, making it look like a wonderland from another world.

Among the group was Sawaki AKA Tomo, Tim, Phil Anton and even Sergio came along for a bit! (I’ll leave their instagram links at the end). If you want a proper introduction to the insanely creative mind of Tomo – Check out this video here.

Tomo had the idea of creating a conceptual image. His Idea was to take a photo of someone holding newspaper which was burning as they were reading it. Phil volunteered. The only problem was figuring out when to let go of the newspaper so he didn’t burn himself! Thankfully he came out unscathed. 

We then placed the newpaper in the ground, lit it on fire again and took some pictures. 

It was a fun day and I definitely got some interesting shots out of it. 

Check out Tim’s (@ThwVisuals) video below!!

Instagram handles: Tomo: @s.tomo, Tim @ThwVisuals, Phil @liveavacation, Anton @destinations_eye_go, Sergio @sergio_snaps

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A little video from an afternoon at the Secret Garden with @s.tomo19 @destinations_eye_go @liveavacation song: HIGHER – @wevlthmusic . . . . #perth #perthisok #perthvives #perthshot #secretgarden #gwelup #gwelupgarden #videographer #cinematographer #nature #adventures #exploremore #sony #dji

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